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Archive of Feb 2009 News Letter

My grandson, aged 12, returned to the US from India and began telling me about his holiday. He said that before he left India he gave his sports shoes to the maid's son. "He must be bragging about those shoes now!" he added. The grandfather in me could not let this pass. I asked him who was bragging about the shoes. He thought for the moment and then gamely admitting that it was he who was doing the bragging. Then I asked him, who he supposed had really given the shoes to the maid's son. He thought some more and said it was god who was the giver! My grandson had not entered the cynical teen years and evidently retained the purity of childhood, to be able to make such an answer.

But it made me think of how we grown-ups unthinkingly behave, boasting about any little sacrifice that we make. A little charity and we want the entire world to know it. We do not realize that it is a person who accepts the 'charity' that is going the favour, by giving us the opportunity to be of use.

I recall reading that the great writer bankim Chandra Chatterjee once told shri Ramakrishna Pramahamsa that he was giving lots in charity and doing good to others. To this Ramakrishna apparently retorted,"charity! Doing good! How dare you say YOU can do good to others? Kindness belongs to God. How can a man lay claim to it? If a householder gives in charity in with detachment, he is really doing to good to himself and not to others. If he doesn't seek any return from those he serves then he performs truly selfless work, work without attachment and that becomes Karmayoga.

The love you see in parents is God's love.
The compassion you see in the kind-hearted is God's compassion:

He has given it to them to protect those who need it. Whether YOU are charitable or not, he will have his work done somehow or the other. Nothing can stop His work.".
By A.K.Bhargava
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