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Archive of May 2012
Sudharshan Mitter, 75 Years

"Over 20 Years. this Faridabad based Silver has given 2000 poor children the gift of education enabling them to craft new tomorrows.

Her quiet revolution has gone to encompass destiturte woman, offering them HOPE!"

Powered by PositivityA homeopathic doctor, who would give free medicines and run Charitable Dispensaries wherever her husband was posted, she has given the gift of education to over 2000 poor children in her neighbourhood enabling them to overcome poverty with access to the school system and vocational education.

After her husband's retirement in 1988 they moved to Faridabad which was just developing. There were a lot of construction workers who were eking out a living while their children we loitering about. 'Their energies needed to be tapped constructively' she thought. And so began the quiet revolution to teach the children in a park near her home. With God's Grace this caravan of children is rolling on till today.

Mitter also found another calling : the welfare & rehabilitation of destitute women. "There are so many widows with children who have no jobs. And then there are old women who have been thrown out of their homes by their children as they can't contribute to the running of the house". Mitter gives them monthly rations(oil, rice, dal, atta and pickle) free, which enables the women to become more self-sufficient. Apart from rations, she offer medical help, education for children and most important hope for a better tomorrow.

Powered by Positivity

Starting with 15 children, all alone, today there are 160 children and 12 teachers - three(3) paid, nine(9) volunteers. Among the teachers are : a 87-year old who teaches Maths & Sanskrit; a 79-year old who teaches Maths, English, Science & Commerce. 'It is the most challenging as well as satisfying thing they have ever done'.

Their efforts in the park have empowered the children to get admission in Public Schools, graduate and survive on their own.

What makes Mitter an outstanding guide is her realism. 'Everyone is not cut out for higher education but they can still make a good life for themselves'. She identifies the child's talent and guides. She also helps her wards to get jobs.

She is down to earth despite her extensive network of donors and well-wishers'. Her faith in humanity is high. 'The more needy people come to us, the more donors seem to come forward'.

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