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"Caring + Sharing = Loving"
Love, true love, is that which can give the most without asking or demanding any thing in return

Projects :
Current Projects :
  • Service to Senior Citizens, Assisting Cancer Patients, Touching lives through self-improvement oriented, service-related and spiritually elevating information.
  • Establishment of a Hospice Facility - caring for sick seniors, providing necessary health care and moral support.
Year 2013 Activities & Services :
  • Rs.6,000 to Raja Veda Patasala,Kumbakonam.
  • Rs.6,000 to Ganapadigal Sri.Subramania Sastrigal for the conduct of Yajur Veda Parayanam
    @ Kumbakonam.
  • Rs.1,001 to Sri Sankara Math,Kanchipuram.
  • Rs.10,000, on behalf of Sri.Ravikumar,Ambattur to Sri Matha Trust serving cancer patients at Adayar Cancer Institute.
  • Rs.10,000 to Sri R.Venkataram Educational and Charitable Trust,Chennai.
  • A number of religious and other books to Sri Ramakrishna Math,Mylapore.
  • Assisted seniors in finding suitable homes.
Year 2012 Activities & Services :
  • Donated Rs.1,01,000/= towards the cost of Mahasamprokshanam of Sri Padaivetti Karumari Amman Temple, Kanjanagaram, Near Mayavaram
  • Donated Rs.3,000 to Vishranthi Home for Destitute Women, Palavakkam(ECR), Chennai
  • Donated Rs. Rs. 3000 to Raja Veda Patashala, Kumbakonam
Services rendered since 1994 :
  • A one-year child was identified with a serious health problem- a hole in the heart and needed immediate surgery.Total cost involved was Rs.1.25 lakhs.The parents approached us for financial support as they could not afford the cost. While I was keen to be helpful to others and was doing some civic service, this was a major project which needed to be executed urgently. While providing a sum of Rs.25,000,I appealed for donations through the columns of The Mylapore Times. Donors were kind and generous enough to come with the necessary funds and the surgery was done successfully. A balance of Rs.25,000 has been kept in Fixed Deposit with a bank for the child's educational expenses. A photo of the child as it is today is given alongside.
  • Maintained aged, poor relative couple in different seniors' homes. For nearly 8 years. Total expenses Rs.1,50,000, which included the funeral expenses of the husband and Rs.15,000 for the upkeep of the widow in a seniors' home in Thimmakudy,near Swamimalai.
  • Supporting Vishranthi Old Age Home @ Palavakkam for women on my parents' Death Anniversary by meeting cost of Lunch for the inmates for the past 10 years.
  • Feeding the inmates of Old Age Home @ Stree Seva Mandir @ Saligramam, besides donating funds for the orphanage.
  • Donating old/new clothes and food for the residents of Kakkum Karangal and Udavum Karangal in Thiruvanmiyur on occasions like Deepavali.
  • Collecting old cotton clothes for distribution to terminally ill cancer patients and donating same to Rajasthani Dharmasala,Adayar Cancer Institute.
  • Assisting a seriously ill senior citizen with funds to the tune of Rs.12,500 to meet medical expenses.
  • Donating funds, about Rs.50,000, for meeting marriage expenses of poor relatives and family purohit.
  • Donated Rs.5,000 for Tsunami Relief Fund to Sri Ramakrishna Mission besides old clothes, medicines etc.,
  • Donated Rs.25,000 a Charitable Organization run by trustees of Shri Sringeri Math, RA.Puram.
  • Donated Rs.20,000 to Dhivya Kshetra Mahotsava Samithi towards expenses of conducting Srimad Ramyana Navaha Yajna Mahotsavam @ Chitrakoot by Sri Sri Muralidhara Sarmaji between 18th Sept and 26th Sept 2007.
    Also, collected Rs.15, 000 towards the same cause.
  • Donated Rs.12,000 towards conduct of religious discourses @ Sringeri Pravachana Mandiram, R.A.Puram, Chennai-28.
  • Donated Rs.4, 000 towards conduct of religious discourse @ Sri Ramana Kendra, Mylapore, Chennai - 4
  • Donated Rs.3,000 to Siva Sakthi Sai Charitable Trust which is running a Home for Disabled Children @ Saligramam, Chennai
  • Donated Rs.50,001 to Dharmatma Charitable Trust,131, Chamiers Rd, Chennai-28
    - This corpus fund is being used to provide scholarship to 2 students from PSSHS, Mylapore studying in class 11 & 12;
  • Donated Rs.10,001 to Divya Deepa Charitable Trust, Mysore which is running a value-based and children-centric alternative schooling for children from villages
  • Donated Rs.2,000 to Sri Harihara Sudha Seva Samiti,Mogappair which is caring for seniors
  • Donated Rs.5,000 to Sri Poorna Mahameru Trust,Old Age Ashram @ Old Pallavaram, Chennai
  • Donated Rs.5,000 to Swami Dayananda Ashram - Sri Gangadhareswara Trust,
    - for feeding Sadhus @ Rishikesh
  • Donated Rs.10,000/- towards Construction of Sri Shiva Temple @ Manalur Village, Kumbakonam Taluk
  • Donated Rs.10,000/- towards Kumbabishekam of Sri Kamakoteeswarar Temple @ Kashi
Other non - financial activities :
  • Publication of a Newsletter containing interesting articles about Spirituality, Ageing and Giving back to society.
  • Forwarding interesting articles on above subjects to interested friends and to the management of Senior Citizen's Homes.
  • Facilitating interaction between seniors on subjects of mutual interest and providing emotional or other support to selected seniors in Chennai and @ Soundaryam in Covai.
  • Sharing Information on Ageing & Wellness with Friends & Associates
  • Endeavouring to facilitate financial support from NRIs for organizations involved in maintaining seniors who are ill and need medical and other support
"Old Age, especially an honoured old age,
Has so great an authority, that this is of more value than all the pleasures of youth."-- CICERO

"As for old age, embrace it and love it. It abounds with pleasures if you know how to use it. The gradually declining years are among the sweetest in a human’s life." -- SENECA

       " No one is so rich that he does not need another's help; no one is so poor as not to
be useful in some way to his fellow man; and the disposition to ask assistance
from others with confidence and to grant it with kindness, is part of our very nature."

"That gift which is given out of duty, at the proper time and place,
and without expectations of return is considered
Charity in the mode of Goodness " ---BHAGAVAD GITA