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We shall together discover the joy of service to humanity.
Let’s focus on those who really need support-monetary, physical and moral.

In today's materialistic world, people seem to have forgotten the art of loving and the pleasures of giving. Lets' put our "heart" back at the center of our lives and derive happiness by sharing our resources with the aged and the needy children.

WECARE has been in the field of service for the past 15 years. And we have made some difference in the lives of our fellow-beings and our environment too.

We shall be sharing with you information about our services and other useful material for enabling charitable work besides our own spiritual empowerment.

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Pattoo Srinivasan, Founder-President

How to stay young in spirit and age gracefully?

Secret of youth :
The subconscious mind is eternal. To recapture the power of youthfulness, discover the miraculous, healing, self-renewing power of your subconscious mind moving through your whole being. You can always mentally and emotionally recapture that joyous state.

Get a vision
Instead of saying," I am old," say, "I am wise in the way of the divine way of life." Reject the notion of old age bringing decrepitude, senility and uselessness. Affirm life-not death. Get a vision of yourself as happy, radiant, successful, serene and powerful given the limitations of an aging body.

Your mind does not get old!
The pioneering heart surgeon Micheal Debakey developed the first roller pump for blood in 1932. His pump is still used for heart bypass surgery. At the age of 90, Dr.Debekey got permission for clinical trials on a new tiny pump that can be implanted in the chest of those with severe heart disease. He also pursued an active surgical schedule as well! His philosophy:" As long as you have challenges and are physically and mentally able, life is stimulating and invigorating."

As you think, so you become.
A surgeon 84 years old operates every morning and visit patients and writes for medical journals. His attitude was that he was as valuable as he believed himself to be and as young as his thoughts. The mind is the master weaver, the architect, the designer, and the sculptor. George Bernard Shaw was still active at ninety, and the artistic quality of mind had not relaxed from active duty.

Your age should be an asset to any organization or to society. Your emotional and spiritual maturity, your wisdom gained over a period of life would benefit any organization. People should not be shunted to a corner because of their chronological age. Seniors could be most useful in handling personnel problems, making plans for the future, making decisions, and guiding others in the realm of creative ideas based on their experience and insight into the nature of the society or corporate sector.

Welcome the change
Old age is not a tragic occurrence. It is to be welcomed joyfully and a step forward in one's life. Life is spiritual and eternal. One has to guard against growing in the thought-process which is what happens to most seniors.

Age is not the flight of years, but the dawn of wisdom. Wisdom is the awareness of the tremendous spiritual powers in your subconscious mind and the knowledge of how to apply these powers to lead a full and happy life. Get it out of your mind that your chronological age is synonymous with the end for you or for anyone else. It can be the beginning of a glorious, fruitful, active, and most productive life pattern!

Life is, and we are here to express and experience it in all its beauty and glory. The older you get, the more precious life is.

Life is not mere birth, aging and death. Accept aging gracefully. Age has its own glory, beauty, and wisdom that belong to it. Peace, love, joy, beauty, goodwill, and understanding are qualities that never grow old or die. Ralph Waldo Emerson, poet and philosopher said, "We do not count a man's years, until he has nothing else to count."

Your character, the quality of your mind, your faith, and your convictions are not subject to decay.

The society discards people with knowledge, experience and expertise besides accumulated wisdom, just because they chronologically aged. It is indeed a tragedy as seniors feel unwanted and discarded after being used, during their active lives, even by their own children, let alone employers! They are told they must yield place to youth, even though in reality youth stands for inexperience, lack of discernment and hasty judgment.

Job said," The thing I most feared has come upon me." Many people fear old age. Uncertain about the future because they anticipate mental and physical deterioration. What they think and feel, comes to pass! You grow old when you lose interest in life, when you cease to dream, to hunger after new truths and to search for new worlds to conquer.

When your mind is open to new ideas and new interests and when you raise the curtain and let in the sunshine and inspiration of new truths of life and of the universe, you will be young and active.

Whether you are sixty fie or ninety five years of chronological age, you must realize you have much to give. You can help stabilize, advise, and direct the younger generation. You can give the benefit of your knowledge, your experience, and your wisdom. Try to learn something new and you will find your mind will always be young.

Make sure that your mind never retires. Be open and receptive to new ideas. Many seniors feel that there is about to end and they can't do much about it except cringe and complain. He or she is saying literally," I am mentally and physically dead!"

Retirement can be a new venture, a new challenge, a new path, the beginning of the fulfillment of dreams that they could not follow through earlier. New activities and interests can help overcome helplessness and depression.

Frank, an executive, was retired as he attained 65. Instead of feeling let down and depressed, he felt liberated and decided to do things which he always has been wanting to do. He would no longer concentrate on making a living but start living life. He had been a passionate photographer. So, he took a course in professional photography, went around the world, took beautiful pictures and started giving lectures which were well received.

There are many things outside your known life. Become enthusiastic over creative ideas, make spiritual progress and continue to learn and grow. In this way, you remain young in heart and your body will reflect your thinking.

Be not a prisoner of society
Society discards seniors from gainful employment because they cannot be as productive and efficient as younger people. Seniors are sentenced to idleness because of their chronological age. Yes, a person's body slows down gradually as he or she advances in age, but his/her conscious mind can be made more active, alert, and alive by the inspiration from his or her subconscious mind. The mind, in reality, never grows old!


  • The Greek philosopher Socrates learned to play musical instruments when he was eighty years old.
  • Michelangelo was painting the greatest canvases at eighty;
  • Gothe finished Faust at 92.
  • Lord Tennyson wrote a magnificent poem, "Crossing the Bar" at 83;
  • Issac Newton was hard at work at 85;
  • Vedathri Maharishi of Azhiyar Ashram - "World Community Service Centre" started yoga practice at the age of 75;
  • Many seniors in India nowadays are quite active and alert even at 90.
Let us place our senior citizens in high places and give them every opportunity to bring forth the flowers of Paradise.

Seniors, please do something you have always wanted to do. Study new subjects and investigate new ideas.

Old age really means contemplation of the truths of God from a higher standpoint. Realize that you are on an endless journey, a series of important steps in the ceaseless, tireless, endless ocean of life. You can bring forth fresh fruits in old age. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law or bar.

Extract from 'The power of your sub-conscious mind"
by Dr.Joseph Murphy.

Aging dilemma-Retire without hurt!

Thirteen years ago, 80 year old Mr.P.S.Rao's wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Rao consulted experts only to be told that there was no cure for the disease yet. Today Rao's wife is bedridden and needs 24*7 medicare. With is two children in the U.S, thirteen years ago Rao made a decision not to move to the U.S to be with his children as taking care of his wife would not be an easy task. Moreover, he says,: our wavelengths are different. I want to maintain my independence and individuality and I want to walk with my head held high. If I were to live with my children, I would be entirely dependent on them even for a cup of coffee. In such a situation, I don't live; I merely exist."Rao decided to remain in Chennai and has moved into a retirement community where his wife gets the medical attention she needs and he is fully supported by the home services. Rao's only regret is that he is unable to travel and visit small villages as he has to take care of his wife. Now, his only wish is that she should die before as there will be no one to take care of her if he were to go before her. A truly caring husband!

Ravi and his sister are well settled in the U.S. Dr. Ravi, a research professor, struggled with the issue of being a care giver to his parents in India. He moved back to India to be with his parents but proessio9nal opportunities were simply in adequate.The neurology researcher returned back to the U.S.He and his sister tried to persuade their parents to move to the U.S. and live with them. Their parents did move to the U.S for a few years but being fiercely independent and having their own lifestyles, they returned back to India. They moved into a retirement community where they have settled down to the routine, in line with their lifestyle with necessary medical support. Today, Ravi's parents, 85 and 92, are doing fine. Ravi is happy that her mother got timely medical help when she had a heart attack and he is able to sleep well at night in the knowledge his parents are happily settled in the retirement facility.

These two are sample cases. As the joint family system has broken down, aging parents are left to fend for themselves. Initially, the old age homes were charitable institutions taking care of poor and destitute persons. Presently, with increasing need and demand, the more modern and fully equipped Seniors' facilities provide necessary services to the middle and upper middle class seniors.

Srinivasans, whose children are settled in the U.S, are enjoying their lives at the seniors' facility in Covai. Surrounded by people of similar age group, there is a common bond. Mutual sharing and caring and celebration of festivals offer them the much needed relief from ennui. Of course, there are some drawbacks while living in a seniors' community, particularly when one finds often people falling sick or even dying."It becomes scary," says Srinivasan.

Not everyone is comfortable with the way such communities are evolving and being managed without any benchmarks or regulations."Unlike in the Western countries, there is no accountability for deficiency of services or even abuse of inmates" says Vish Venkatesa Iyer, who is a certified medical director of various nursing homes in the Pittsburg area. He worries that without necessary legal checks and accountability, assisted-living facilities in India can become money-making entities that leave elderly vulnerable to scheming business ventures. Laws are urgently needed to regulate such facilities and distinguish them from commercial real estate ventures.

Mr.Rao says "I love my children, but money is the most reliable thing in old age."
"Phone calls, Skype conversations, emails, once a year visit or
rushing to visit parents when they fall sick are just not enough."
Says Mathew Cherian, CEO,Helpage India.

Biggest regrets of the dying revealed

London: A palliative nurse who has counselled the dying in their last days has revealed the most common regrets people have at the end of their lives. Among the top most common regrets of the dying has been "I wish I hadn't worked so hard".

Bronnie Ware is an Australian nurse who spent several years working in a palliative care, caring for patients in the last 12 weeks of their lives.

She recorded their dying epiphanies in a blog called Inspiration & Chai, which gathered so much attention that she put her observations into a book called "Top Five Regrets of the Dying", the Guardian reported. The top five regrets of the dying were

  • I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself,
             not the life others expected of me.
  • I wish I hadn't worked so hard.
  • I wish I'd had courage to express my feelings.
  • I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
  • I wish that I had let myself be happier.

Source : Times of India

Sri Matha Trust Cancer Care

Sri Matha Trust Cancer Care Sri Matha Trust is doing a wonderful job by taking care of terminally ill cancer patients and their attendants, free of charge! They have now added another hospice facility @ Indiranagar, where dialysis is to be adminisntered practically free to deserving patients. Great job! They are setting up a large facility near Chennai.

Hope caring patrons would support this NGO's commendable service.

Click Image for details

Elders need a fair deal

Another World Elder Abuse Awareness Day comes up today, even as steady stream of reports of elders being denied care and aid, indeed abused and attacked, comes in from different parts of India. The problems of the elderly are primarily economic, marked by the loss of independent incomes. Health-related problems typically dog them too. Lack of safety and security are added perils, especially in urban settings. Pan-India surveys have revealed that almost 30 per cent of the elderly are subjected to some form of abuse or neglect, abandonment and physical, financial or emotional abuse, often by their own family members. Many are left lonely. Yet, the absence of detailed data on crimes against the elderly in official compilations is striking, and points to inadequate focus on the issue. With improvement in life expectancy, the number of seniors in India is expected to reach 177 million in the next 25 years and 324 million by 2050 - and women will constitute a majority of that cohort. By 2050, the global population of seniors above 60 is set to exceed the number of younger people. The challenges posed by an ageing population are clearly up on us.

The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007, placed a legal obligation on children and relatives to enable the elderly to live a normal and dignified life. Senior citizens who are unable to maintain themselves financially shall have the right to apply a maintenance tribunal for an allowance from their children and relatives. The tribunal may initiate the process suo motu. The Act also has provisions to ensure the state takes care of them, but in practical terms these are hardly of any help. Overall, this legislation is too narrow and ineffective to serve as the primary legal channel for guaranteeing the rights of the elderly. India now needs to set new priorities as its demographic profile undergoes a rapid change. It ought to put in place a comprehensive policy and programme interventions for older persons. Meanwhile, free healthcare more old age homes, other kinds of affordable housing, and financial assistance in the form of pension and other payouts, especially to widows, have to be provided for. The right of an elderly citizen to live a life of dignity must be made justiciable. Programmes to enhance skills and knowledge in geriatric care are needed. According priority to the needs of senior citizens in development plans, including in infrastructure facilities, is essential. It is time separate ministries at the Central and State levels we set up a deal with issues concerning senior citizens. The government has a responsibility to protect the elderly and must take this job seriously.

Source : Times of India

Financial Planning for Retirement - Reverse Mortgage

Annuity Plan for a regular income.
Even those who have a retirement corpus besides a monthly pension find themselves in difficulty due to inflation and increasing healthcare expenses.

An annuity can help seniors. Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance has launched its Life Reverse Mortgage Loan Annuity Plan for providing investors a lump sum upfront and lifelong fixed pension payments against houses owned and resided in by the seniors. The loan amount is based on the age of the borrower, value of the property pledged and interest costs. The loan amounts to 70% of the property value. The insurer can continue to stay in the property without repaying the loan during their life time. Pension Payments will increase with the age. Besides annuity, additional income by the way of bonus is payable each year.

If interested contact Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company Ltd, Cathedral Road, Chennai-86


HUG -Help Unite Generation launched by Helpage India Helpage India has launched a campaign named HUG - Help Unite Generation, to form a bridge between Elders and youngsters.

HUG volunteers would choose elders from their families and neighbourhood and keep in touch with them to provide companionship. "They will also be in touch with elders through telephone calls. Inquiring about their health and helping them in any emergency."

This campaign comes in the wake of an increasing numbers of seniors living apart from their children or neglected by their families. Seniors feel lonely and they are a burden to their children, whose lifestyle keeps them too busy to care for them.

HUG volunteers will encourage their friends to join in this initiative to make a difference in the lives of seniors. " I was very happy to put a band on the wrists of a grandmother, a symbol of my support and care. I hugged in joy .I will ensure that she leads a peaceful life hereafter," said Samuel Joshua, a volunteer.

Shri.T.S.Krishnamurthy, former CEC, releasing a book of the journey of Helpage India, said the country would have been better if the younger generation understood the feelings of elders. Our country had a good tradition which respects the feelings of seniors under the joint family system. Unfortunately, with the disappearance of the joint family as a system and the foundation of our society, seniors feel helpless and fall into depression

Dr. Jaffar Ali, CEO of a HR consortium, said that there was a generation gap. "Youngsters don't have the time to interact with elderly people-even their own parents- Private firms should consider using the experience of seniors in their respective fields. It will be helpful for those who don't have pensions and are dependent on their family members.

M.Singaraja, Chairman of Senior Citizens Bureau said that many seniors are forced to become security guards because of poverty.

Comment :
HUG is a welcome initiative which will help seniors to receive emotional and other much needed support from youngsters. Even healthy seniors can opt to help aged seniors who need such help. Elders who vast experience and wisdom, besides traditional values, can opt out of the lives of their children by moving into affordable seniors= facilities. Also, they can use their expertise and experience by taking up jobs and also teaching at educational institutions.

Myself and a few other class-fellows in college-1957!- met yesterday at one of our classmate's home. The gentleman was with Viveka Fine Arts and a close associate of Sri.Cho Ramaswamy. He hails from a famous family and has 3 children, all of them well settled in life and living in Chennai. Unfortunately, he had his hip broken in an accident and is incapaciated, despite surgeries. His wife is afflicted with arthritis and her movements are restricted. They both are confined within their flat unable to move around. His son and wife are working; they are busy with their own things. Granddaughter is attending school. When we visited her, she said "Hi!" and went off to attend a school programme. Then, the daughter-in-law rushed in from office and got ready to go to the school function. In the meanwhile, she was kind enough to prepare coffee for us. Luckily, we had taken some snacks and fruits which we shared with the couple. Then the son got ready for his walk. The gentleman was explaining as to how he used to walk 3/4 kms each day. He was also busy various artistic assignments. Now, he is simply in confinement. Naturally, he and his wife are depressed. He looks much older and dejected with his physical state which affects mental wellbeing.

It is in such cases HUG will help provide much needed emotional and physical support. Our spending about 2 hours with them brought great joy to me and am sure to them too.

Source : Times of India

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