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Archive of June 2008 News Letter
13 Healthy Habits
1. Eat Breakfast.
 - Comprising of Cereals, Carbohydrates, Salads and Fruit Juices every Morning. Breakfast adds vitamins and Minerals and less fat and Cholesterol. The result is leaner body, lower Cholesterol and less overeating. For Kids breakfast enhances alertness, attention and  performance.

2. Add Omega-3 Fatty acids.
 - To your diet, which reduce heart disease risk. Foods such as tofu, soybeans, canola, walnuts, flex seed and their oils are converted into Omega 3 in the body.

3. Get Enough Sleep.
 - Your body needs to have enough time to rest. Sleep is vital to good health and to mental and emotional well-being. Lack of adequate sleep can result in psychiatric problems besides having negative impact on memory, learning and logical reasoning.

4. Make Social Connections.
 - Volunteer. Go to religious places, Join a club, whatever you do, do it with people. Communal Activities are good for your physical, emotional and mental health. Friends provide information, physical support in times of need, emotional support and offer a sense of identity. such help can assist you in overcoming depression and anxiety. Community ties improve mental functioning and maintain desirable levels of serotonine - the brain chemical associated with mood.

5. Regular exercise helps to :
 - Control Weight
 - Maintain healthy bones, joints and muscles;
 - Reduces risk of developing high blood pressure and diabetics.
 - Promote psychological well-being.
 - Reduce risk of heart diseases
 - Reduce risk of premature death.
 - Manage stress.
 - Think and move better.
 - Enhance energy levels.

6. Practice Good Dental Hygiene.
  - Oral health leads to overall good health.

7. Take up a Hobby.
 - Hobbies are relaxing activities. They are usually enjoyable. The joy helps people live healthier and recover better from illness. Taking part of hobbies can burn calories. The participants with hobbies tended to have more drive and interest in things than other people - an active orientation towards life.

8. Protect your Skin.
 - Our skin starts to age as soon as we are born. The best way to protect it and look younger is to stay out of the sun, as far as one can.

9. Snack the healthy way.
 - A healthy diet - five or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Plant foods help boost your health including:-
 - Reduce the risk of some cancers;
 - Beat the signs of aging;
 - Improve memory;
 - Promote heart health;
 - Enhance the immune system;
They are low in calories, high in nutrients and help in reducing weight.
Try Baby carrots, low-fat Yoghurt and nuts.

10. Drink Water and Eat Dairy.
 - Water and milk are essential fluids for good health and they can also help with reducing weight.

11 Drink Tea.
 - Decaffeinated tea is better, Caffeinated variety can be dehydrating and sugary drinks can lead to weight gain.

12. Take a daily walk.
 - Just move. pace during phone calls, while brushing your teeth. Every 20 steps you take burns 1 Calorie. People who walked 30 minutes a day had a significantly reduced chance of premature death.

13. Plan.
 - Incorporate healthy habits in your daily life. Many of these habits take effort that need to be scheduled into busy lives.
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