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"Caring + Sharing = Loving"

Come, Let us walk together towards serenity

WECARE FOUNDATION was registered as a non-profit society in 1994 with the Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Chennai. Presently, the Founder-Chairman is assisted by his wife Smt. Shanthi Srinivasan, who is also a trustee.
"Service to humanity is service to God”. With this motto in the background, WECARE visualizes the creation of an enabling environment wherein seniors, in particular, enjoy a serene, healthy, happy and meaningful life with dignity in their sunset years.
“Caring + Sharing = Loving”. Spreading this message and acting upon it in order to provide support to senior citizens, particularly those in need of emotional and material support. The target group will be carefully identified and adequate material and financial support will be organized. More importantly, WECARE intends to be a “social networking” organization for seniors to share their ideas, problems, exchange information about wellness, spirituality, religion and healthy lifestyle.

Wecare acts as an interface between Silvers and seniors facilities. It identifies suitable homes which meet the specific needs of different individuals/couples. 'Wecare' keeps in touch with the Seniors' Homes in Chennai, Coimbatore and Bangaluru mainly.

Trustees and Membership:
Sri.Pattoo Srinivasan, Founder-President.
Smt. Shanthi Srinivasan, Trustee.


Admission : Rs. 1000/-(Rupees One Thousand Only)
Other donations & contributions welcome - specifying the purpose.

Members will be kept informed of the current activities with which they can associate themselves.

Those who are keen to become associates, please send name, address, contact details and specific area of interest to spattoo@wecarefoundation.in.
About the Promoter: Founder - President  
He is a retired UN Civil Servant and an International Banker with over 35 year's exposure to developing and Least-developed economies in Asia and Africa. Has been active in the Rotary Movement  and involved in social and civic activities in India and Africa. Has managed to provide critical monetary and material support to deserving cases and causes in and around Chennai for the past 15 years. Interested in spiritual and personal development movements like The Theosophical society and Sri Ramakrishna Mission.

Key Responsibilities:
As the Founder of the organization he oversees the work undertaken by it. Ensuring that the Vision and Mission of the Foundation are effectively achieved and sustained among the target group. Identifying the right project, mobilizing necessary resources, managing and deploying the same to attain the objectives for the benefit of the cause promoted and the target group.

Personal Interests: 
  • Reading self-improvement books, religious texts, magazines etc..,
  • Listening to music;
  • Enjoying nature;
  • Physical fitness and mental alertness;
  • Doing social / civic work;
  • Enjoys people and visiting places.
Joy of Ageing - Seminar
at Celebrating Age India Expo 2013

Old age really means the contemplation of truths of God from the higher standpoint.
Realize that you are on an endless journey, a series of important steps
in the ceaseless, tireless, endless ocean of life.

Then," Thou shalt bring forth fruits of old age; they shall be far and flourishing.
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, peace, patience, compassion, gentleness, goodness,
faith, meekness and temperance against such there is no law."

Retirement can be a new venture, a second innings, a new challenge, a new path,
the beginning of the fulfillment of a long dream.

You are NOT physically and mentally dead or dying.

It is a false pretense or picture or opinion of the society
which demoralizes seniors into a helpless state of inaction.
Seniors have accumulated wisdom, do-how and know-how, understanding of the vicissitudes of life and necessary temperament to deal with issues, better than younger people.

So, start new ventures, do things which you couldn't do earlier, and
contribute to the society in a manner that befits your passion.