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Archive of May 2012 - Aug 2013 News Letter

Padmashree Smt. Savithri Vaithi                        Vishranthi - Home for destitute Aged Women

Savithri Vaithi - Vishranthi - Home for destitute Aged WomenSmt. Savithri Vaithi, chairperson of Monday Charity Club is the Pioneer in rendering service to the Seniors in Tamil Nadu. She set up 'The Vishranthi' Home for destitute Aged Women in 1975 supported by Help Age India, Chennai.

The home is a haven of joy and care for the residents. Mrs. Vaithi's services have been lauded by T.N. Govt and she is a member of State Social Welfare Board.

The T.N. Govt. has offered to provide space in Govt and Chennai Corporation run schools for building homes for Seniors, who can support and manage the schools better.

Various schemes for supporting the projects are available.

Contact : 044-2499 6634, Email : vishranthi.trust@yahoo.com

Grandparents have got a New Caretaker!

Pressed for time, many children are now outsourcing the care of their ageing parents to a new breed of Companies. These professionals accompany elders to temples, ensure they take their pills and do what their off springs often don't have time for-chat. These visitors are elder-care specialists(ECS) from Epoch Eldercare and few other organizations that go beyond Medicare and domestic support to offer companionship to the elderly to make their sunset years more fulfilling.

  • India Home Healthcare is providing such services to elders in Chennai and Bangalore.
  • Epoch's services are available in the NCR, Delhi.
  • Maya Care provides errand-based assistance helps with Bill Payments, grocery shopping or assistance to visit a doctor to elders in cities.

Seniors, who live alone, also use these services – to take them for a walk, play chess or simply chat. They just need a friend to provide emotional and physical support, to get quality time. And these services are provided in their own homes, which gives them diginity and self-respect. Truly, a great initiative and a boom for seniors and their children as well.


Dr. J. Krishnamoorthy, the late philosopher, had talked about being sensitive not only to the fellow human beings but to animals and environment.

How do you become a social entrepreneur and a change -agent?
Dr. Sekar Raghavan, 65, by habit, abhorred Wastage of any Kind. Today, he is responsible for changing mindsets towards Water. He has taught rural and city folks in Tamil Nadu to adopt traditional methods of Water Harvesting, to use eco-friendly toilets. reuse waste water and conserve water on a daily basis. He is also responsible for significantly raising ground water levels in Chennai, a mind blogging feet for any fast growing metro.

"Groundwater is like a bank, says the eloquent crusader". While exploitation ca  be thought of as withdrawing from the bank, rain water harvesting is like depositing money into the bank.

Dr. Raghavan with a Ph. D in theoretical physics, decided to stay put in Chennai and found his real vocation when he joined the Socio-Economic Research Institute started by his University Colleagues.

While at the Institute he did research on traditional methods of Water Management used in Chinglepet area comprising of 2000 Villages. The British had meticulously chronicled details pertaining to water management, agricultural techniques, harvests, fertile lands and rainfall. By studying the fragile palm leaf manuscripts at the University of Tanjore, he discovered that the agricultural produce in Chinglepet in 1765 was 1.5 times more than it was today!

Traditional Water Harvesting methods took root in Raghavan's mind. It was the beginning of a revolution. Owing to his relentless efforts, TN Govt made rainwater harvesting mandatory across the state in 2003. This hard fought victory was achieved after 8 Years of sweat and tool, beginning in 1995 through door-to-door canvassing sowing the seeds of the process. Soon School Children, the media and even Govt agencies joined the cause. Amazingly, ground water levels in Chennai went up by 20 Ft.

The Chennai experience culminated in the establishment of the Akash Ganga Trust in 2002 with seed money from a NRI Philanthropist. The trust opened the Rain Centre – a one-stop info and support centre for rain harvesting. He then geared up to break ground-ways to conserved Water used in sewage disposal in 2005. '10% of sewage requires 90% of water to flush it', he explains. In 2006 he introduced 'Eco-San' toilets which require no water for flushing in Kovalam Village. The toilets conserve water and do not pollute ground water.

Eco-Sanitation has now been adopted in many places around the world. “Water & Sanitation have to be looked at holistically and not in isolation”, says Raghavan.

Extract from 'Harmony' – The Seniors' Magazine.

Have I lived well?

Each one of us should answer this question at the end of each day, which is a gift from God.

The Torch of life is burning Now. What is left is only ashes. Memories from ashes of the past.

The purpose if Life is to be good and useful. Only goodness leads to Godliness. An act of goodness is an act of happiness to us and to the receiver. If you are good to yourself, you will be good to the rest of the World.

Everyday signifies the consummation of our love affair with life. We should be awed and excited having lived in the incredible Cosmos, amidst hardships and miraculous vicissitudes of life.

Let us endeavour each day to enjoy this precious gift and bring joy to other beings.

Seniors – Get Online!

Silver surfers can boost their brain power by surfing the internet. Helps to trigger key centres in the brain and can reverse age-related mental dementia.

It is better than reading.

(Research by UCLA)

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